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Anthony Vaccarello’s First Campaign for Saint Laurent Is Here — and There Are No Clothes in Sight (Forum Buzz)

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock lately, Anthony Vaccarello is the new creative director of Saint Laurent following Hedi Slimane’s exit. After putting his own label on hiatus for the time being, Vaccarello’s first campaign for the iconic French fashion label is here for us to deliberate over. More of a teaser of what’s to come, if you will, the Italian-Belgian designer enlisted the photographic expertise of Collier Schorr, who has served up a series of minimalist black-and-white images featuring bare-faced models showing off some skin, wiping Slimane’s grungy aesthetic clean out.

Saint Laurent #YSL01 by Collier Schorr


The images seem to have left our forum members with mixed feelings. “He is interpreting Hedi’s Saint Laurent better than Hedi himself. I really like it. I’m sure his Saint Laurent will be good,” raved an optimistic Lola701 the second the campaign surfaced.

“This actually looks pretty interesting and the pictures are great. I need to see more though. I want more than just a literal reinterpretation of Hedi’s aesthetic. Also this looks even more youth-oriented than Slimane’s universe,” Wolkfolk said soon after.

Forum member burbuja8910 was a fan of what she saw: “The campaign is good, better than the ads under Slimane.”

But everyone else was far from impressed. “UGH. So obnoxious. If I see one more fashion campaign or editorial with the same ‘stoic’ aesthetic, I really think I might go postal. Literally what is the point of this campaign? It’s absolutely useless. ‘A fresh start?’ Models with natural hair and no makeup moping around? So freakin’ clever,” mocked dior_couture1245.

“Oh this is silly. Remember when Hedi decided to pretentiously rebrand everything before he even put any clothes out? Same deal here. But hey, they put a black model in the campaign. So that’s new,” orchidee chimed in.

“Not gonna lie, I don’t see the point of this. Seems like a waste of time, energy, and money. Just design the bleeping clothes and release a proper campaign then,” slammed an underwhelmed VogueDisciple93.

Saint Laurent #YSL01 by Collier Schorr


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