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Natasha Poly Serves ‘Flintstone Realness’ on Vogue Spain’s July Cover (Forum Buzz)

We’ve been shouting Vogue Spain’s praises over the past couple of months but it seems as though the mag has taken two giant steps back with its latest issue. Our forums are usually huge fans of Natasha Poly’s various Vogue covers but the Russian beauty’s appearance on the title’s July 2016 offering has failed to impress. Photographed by Nico Bustos, Natasha and team traveled to Africa for the occasion, but unlike Aya Jones‘ breathtaking African shoot back in March, this one oozes a totally different kind of charm. Natasha looks as sultry as ever, vamping it up under the sunshine wearing a slinky tiger-print dress while out in the wilderness.

Vogue España July 2016 : Natasha Poly by Nico Bustos


The cover just wasn’t what our forum members were wanting, unfortunately. “The text, the layout, the colors!! Oh my what an eyesore. The energy of the background and of the pose does not match with the energy of her expression. They started the year with edgy and unconventional cover shots, and now they’re back with their cheesy commercial covers,” pointed out a disappointed MON.

“An eyesore is a perfect description!! Whoa, nothing works here for me!!” cried out Miss Dalloway.

Also not exactly jumping for joy was anlabe32: “Awful. Looks like a Vogue Paris wannabe gone completely wrong!”

CATO was quick to show her dismay too, sharing, “They worked with POLY and THIS is the result? What a disappointment.”

“Flintstones realness,” laughed russianelf.

“Styling is AWFUL, Natasha is a pro and they chose that f***** up image? Come on now: they could have taken a better shot for her face and pose. Don’t get me started on the layout. This is another fail for them,” slammed a disgraced Bertrando3.

Marsnoop2 shared the same sentiments. “I’m amazed at how both Aya and Natasha were shot by Nico in Botswana and yet you get two vastly different results. I don’t think this is horrendous, but the whole Tarzan thing is a little too literal here,” she said.

Await Natasha’s cover story and share your own opinion with us here.