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Irina Shayk Shows ‘Zero Versatility’ on Vogue Japan’s August Cover (Forum Buzz)

Poor Irina Shayk can’t catch a break. Our feisty forum members have critiqued just about every magazine cover and ad campaign she’s added to her ever-growing portfolio. She looked “awful in every way” on Numéro, failed to impress fronting Vogue Turkey and now does exactly the same on the cover of Vogue Japan. We took a first look at the title’s August 2016 edition earlier this week, which features the Russian bombshell in head-to-toe Prada while posing before the lens of Japanese Vogue regular Giampaolo Sgura. But styled by Anna Dello Russo, the cover failed to make an impression and certainly didn’t inspire the majority.

Vogue Japan August 2016 : Irina Shayk by Giampaolo Sgura


“At a stretch I can deal with everything from the neck down, but I don’t know what was on the stylist’s memo here. Ticket conductor meets gay sailor? I’m still not sold on Irina. Reminds me too much of Adriana Lima. Just like the latter, it seems her people are desperately trying to market her as this versatile type of girl, which she’s not,” immediately complained Benn98.

“I feel like most any other model would’ve made this cover work better,” added a far from impressed littlekiki.

Miss Dalloway wasn’t exactly a fan either, crying, “Oh wow, how bad!”

“She has no emotion on the cover,” pointed out a dumbfounded burbuja8910.

Also no fan of Irina’s was artemovartem: “Why is she doing high-fashion? Just stay in those Avon catalogues and make money! This cover proves it again!”

“She looks so awkward, but it’s some of the best styling I’ve seen on a Japanese Vogue cover in a while. Had it been another model I’d totally be into it,” echoed AnaD.

“I’m a big fan of Irina. When she’s in her wheelhouse (smoldering, sensual, sexy) she’s pretty much the best at what she does. Give her Givenchy or Versace campaigns, sure. Give her strong, dark, sexy campaigns, fine. But she has zero versatility. People gotta stop trying to make it happen,” pointed out happycanadian.

Our forum members have certainly yet to be overwhelmed by Irina Shayk. Join the debate here.