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Steven Meisel’s Prada Campaign for Fall 2016 Is a ‘Train Wreck’ (Forum Buzz)

The most highly anticipated campaign of the season is finally here. After a spectacular Pre-Fall campaign, we were expecting great things from Prada for Fall 2016. Lensed by the legendary Steven Meisel, models Vanessa Axente, Caitie Greene and Kiki Willems take the spotlight this season, each photographed with the same wet hairstyle and not doing much else. Meisel’s cut and paste job did not go down well on our forums.

Prada F/W 2016.17 : Vanessa Axente, Caitie Greene & Kiki Willems by Steven Meisel


It was fair to declare the campaign a flop within seconds. “God, I hate that greasy wet hairstyle so much,” cried out Scotty straight away.

“Jesus, what a train wreck!! Are we sure this is the version which will go to print and digital? There’s absolutely nothing good about this! And Vanessa Axente, really?” asked a horrified Benn98.

“Agreed! This looks like a bad montage,” replied a shocked sixtdaily.

Also stunned at the outcome was heyitsrachelle, questioning, “Is this even real? It looks like an awful fan made campaign!”

Anlabe32 wasn’t much of an admirer either, declaring, “Whoever thought this was a good idea needs to be punished. What an absolute eyesore!”

“LOL, this looks like a badly executed mood/inspiration board. This does not work for me,” added a far from overjoyed Firefly216.

“This is so ghastly!” chimed in Moofins.

MON shared the same sentiments as everyone else, echoing, “The models look great, the shots look stunning. But why the cutout? It doesn’t add to the campaign. It made it look rushed, forced, and undone. If this were on a plain white background, it would’ve been striking. But the background eats all away the attention — not in a good way.”

“Terrible, OMG Prada need to fire Meisel now,” testinofan suggested.

Share your own opinion and await more from Prada’s new campaign here.