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Priyanka Chopra Stars on InStyle’s ‘Gorgeous and Fresh’ August 2016 Cover (Forum Buzz)

Our forums have been full of praise for InStyle‘s new look and they continue to champion the magazine with the unveiling of each new issue. A few months into its newfound glory, InStyle continues to feature cover subjects that most other mainstream titles wouldn’t dare to use. For the August 2016 issue, the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra was captured by Thomas Whiteside at the beach. The Indian actress and one-time cover girl of American ELLE photographed beautifully wearing Gucci.

US InStyle August 2016 : Priyanka Chopra by Thomas Whiteside


The cover became an instant hit. “I adore this! The colors look so beautiful. They complement Priyanka’s beauty so well. This could easily pass as a U.S. Vogue cover with minimal texts. Great job InStyle! This will be the first ever issue of InStyle that I’m going to get once it hits the newsstand here in our country,” announced a more than impressed cottonmouth13.

“I love this! And finally a Gucci dress that hasn’t been overexposed,” dodencebt pointed out in amazement. 

In agreement was narcyza, acknowledging, “The dress looks amazing here.”

Also full of praise was Miss Dalloway, championing, “How gorgeous and fresh! I bet I will love this even more in print, they have been doing much better covers than ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar etc. For once a redesign of a magazine worked!”

MON felt the exact same way, expressing, “I absolutely love this! U.S. InStyle has really stepped it up. Stunning layout. Stunning woman. Stunning cover. And it’s one of those rare cases that a redesign works. Take note U.S. magazines! And I love how they stopped with the studio covers.”

“So happy she is on the cover, this is gorgeous,” SallyAlbright echoed.

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