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‘Cool Girl’ Alicia Vikander Is a ‘Letdown’ on UK Vogue’s August Cover (Forum Buzz)

Yet another month has passed where Kim Kardashian isn’t on the cover of British Vogue (we must be losing our touch at guessing cover stars). Instead, the magazine has selected someone who has never graced the cover before. With a successful American Vogue cover appearance under her belt, Alicia Vikander takes to the title’s UK cover for August 2016. The Swedish actress was shot by Alasdair McLellan in the rare sunshine at the English shore, wearing Louis Vuitton while showing off an enviable glowing complexion.

UK Vogue August 2016 : Alicia Vikander by Alasdair McLellan


Surprisingly, the cover seemed to leave the majority underwhelmed. “This is a lovely surprise considering the speculations that it’s probably Kim [Kardashian] on the cover. I like it, very fresh and summery, even though Alicia doesn’t convey much emotion in print,” wrote dodencebt the second the cover dropped.

“It reminds me of Christy Turlington. I was very surprised when I saw her cover story. I never thought that she could be very great in print,” confessed kewkaw.

“I actually like this. It reminds me of the 90s. It feels so natural, and it’s actually refreshing and relaxing. However, I wish they placed the logo behind her. Amazing how she booked US and UK Vogue in a year,” pointed out a pleasantly surprised MON.

Not everyone was so enthusiastic. “What a bad cover, wow! Her face expression is not cover worthy, there had to be better images than this. But then I really think Vikander always lacks that spark she has on the big screen in magazines, she just doesn’t work in print for me,” complained a disapproving Miss Dalloway.

HodanChloe agreed, echoing, “Her expression and pose looks off here. She’s so beautiful but she just doesn’t photograph well.”

“I thought she was wearing a dress splattered in wet sand until I clicked on the larger image, and man what a letdown it was to see this bigger. Terrible dress, vapid expression, terribly awkward pose. Bah,” voiced HeatherAnne.

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