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Hailey Baldwin Serves Supermodel Realness in Guess’ Stunning Fall 2016 Campaign (Forum Buzz)

We were either so transfixed by Kendall Jenner’s Elvis impersonation for Fendi or too busy checking out a smoldering Gigi Hadid for MaxMara that we forgot their BFF Hailey Baldwin was set to be the new face of Guess. The brand’s Fall 2016 advertising campaign has just dropped and the 19-year-old beauty (captured by photographer Rayan Ayash) proves she has what it takes to be a working model.

Guess F/W 2016.17 : Hailey Baldwin by Rayan Ayash


Members of our forums were quick to extoll Hailey’s virtues as a model. “I have a hard time taking her or this brand seriously, but I have to say she looks good here and this is much stronger work (judging on the little I’ve seen) than her model/socialite friends Kendall and Gigi typically produce,” said KINGofVERSAILLES straight away.

“She looks good, I get 80s supermodel vibes from this!” applauded Fotoholic24.

Zoom felt the same way, echoing, “Baldwin and Guess are actually a good fit. She is giving me old school Cindy Crawford. Her IMG signing has started to pay off but high-fashion is another matter. For now though, this suits her well.”

“Gorgeous shots, she fits the brand well,” raved sixtdaily, echoing everyone else’s sentiments.

In agreement was MyNameIs, championing, “This is perfect for Guess!”

“This is surprisingly good!” confessed Valesco.

“Nepotism aside, she actually suits Guess quite well. There’s nothing wrong with being a commercial model,” GivenchyHomme approved.

In the same frame of mind was tigerrogue: “Some models are versatile, and we admire that, but there’s also nothing wrong with being someone who shines when they’re matched with the right brand. When it works, it works.”

Guess F/W 2016.17 : Hailey Baldwin by Rayan Ayash


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