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Joan Smalls Captivates on the Cover of CR Fashion Book’s Ninth Edition (Forum Buzz)

Gigi Hadid’s patriotic cover for CR Fashion Book‘s Spring 2016 edition was still pretty fresh in our minds until the magazine just unveiled the covers for its upcoming edition, which seem to knock it out of the park just as hard. Continuing their theme of multi-covers, the biannual publication serves up a trio of covers for us to choose from for Issue 9, featuring beauties Fernanda Ly and Joan Smalls. Mario Sorrenti came on board to lens the cover shoot and delivers captivating close-up images of the girls, who posed with a face full of makeup and glitter — and we’re loving one cover in particular.

CR Fashion Book #9 by Mario Sorrenti


As per usual, our forum members were quick to generate discussion. “I hope this is a preview cover. If not, then this is creepy. Glitters on her teeth? Really? Mario Sorrenti for CR?” MON quickly disapproved.

“Nothing new. Nothing Great,” said dcmaike of Fernanda’s cover which was the first to surface (above left).

But the whole dynamic changed when Joan’s cover came to light. “Oh my goodness, Joan’s cover is gorgeous. The seduction is beyond this planet,” raved a more than impressed MON, returning to the thread in awe.

“When I saw the first cover I thought it was okay but I really didn’t like the glitter on the teeth. But then I saw Joan’s cover… Wow, it was love at first sight. It’s gorgeous!” added apple in agreement.

Narcyza felt the same way, announcing, “Joan’s cover is amazing! I’m buying it.”

“I love both covers equally, as different as they are. Both draw me in for different reasons,” reasoned dodencebt.

Gazebo was a fan of both too, echoing: “Glitter bomb! I like both. It’s nice they created two completely different moods using glitter. One is crazy fun, the other is glamorous sexy.

Whose do you prefer? See the remaining cover, stay tuned for the content and in the meantime, join the debate here.