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A Kitten Steals the Show From Edita Vilkeviciute on the Cover of Porter (Forum Buzz)

Porter gave us everything we need from a summer cover with its last issue featuring a joyful Sienna Miller posing under the sunshine, leaving us in absolute awe. Our forum members have always been huge advocates of everything Porter produces, so you can imagine our delight when the title unveiled its Fall 2016 cover. Reverting back to using models (and following in the footsteps of Anja Rubik and Gisele Bündchen), Lithuanian beauty Edita Vilkeviciute graces the front of the mag’s sixteenth edition, captured by Bruce Weber. Styled by Alex White, Edita wears head-to-toe Prada while clutching a cute little kitten in the shot (our furry friends now becoming a Porter cover staple).

Porter #16 Fall 2016 : Edita Vilkeviciute by Bruce Weber


Our forum members weren’t so sure, however. “First a dog, kangaroo, now a kitten…it’s getting a bit cliched now. And Prada doesn’t help. The shot looks so hollow, and Edita looks more languished than seductive. This is more global Vogue than Porter,” said Benn98 the second the cover dropped.

“Agh, I am very disappointed. Edita is such a stunner and this cover looks sooo boring. I am not sure about the styling either…” discredited KissMiss.

Sharing the same attitude toward the cover was honeycombchild: “Oh. I’m quite disappointed actually. I’ve come to expect so much from Porter that this feels rather lackluster.”

Miss Dalloway felt let down, too, expressing, “What a letdown! Last year their Fall issue was my favorite of any magazine, so I hope the content makes up for such an empty cover. This is too bare, Edita can do so much better, but I do like the kitten.”

“It’s a rather lazy cover, I really expected more,” shared dodencebt.

“Yes, not the best Porter cover,” TeeVanity agreed.

“Not looking forward to seeing that cover sitting on the newsstands for a month or so,” stated tigerrouge.

“Both names made me excited but it turned out disappointing. Edita’s expression is a bit off and the kitten is cute but does nothing here. And the styling doesn’t go with all this,” voiced Kanna.

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