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Cara Delevingne Nails OTT 80s Glamour on ELLE’s September Cover (Forum Buzz)

Cara Delevingne is most definitely the girl of the moment, covering Love Magazine, Esquire and UK Vogue this month. Now, as reported on our forums last week, the Suicide Sqaud actress turns up on ELLE‘s all-important September issue for 2016. The publication continues to churn out well-received covers and cover subjects our forums actually want to see. Shot by ELLE regular Terry Tsilois, Cara gives us some 80s fabulousness wearing Heidi Slimane’s final Saint Laurent collection (for which Cara was the face).

US Elle September 2016 : Cara Delevingne by Terry Tsiolis


ELLE managed to knock it out the park once again. “Woah, this is surprisingly good! Love the OTT glamour for ELLE, and Cara is on a roll. Raking in more press than Margot [Robbie], by the looks of it. It should’ve been cropped a tad more, but I’ll take this,” Benn98 approved the second the cover came to light.

“She’s amaaaaaaazing. That color suits her perfectly. She can always pull off sultry,” said Elite13.

Also quick to show their approval was liv4beauty, commenting, “Now that’s a cover. Loving the 80s glamour!”

Kokobombon was a fan too, echoing, “I love that it’s so glamorous and indeed it’s FASHION! Everything I want from a SEPTEMBER ISSUE!”

“At least the 80s glamour look that’s been turning up on covers recently helps catch the eye, and sells the idea that it’s fun to dress up,” tigerrogue clapped.

In agreement over how fantastic the cover turned out was MON, raving, “I love this. What a very striking and edgy cover. Vogue Paris would approve this.”

“All it took was the rise of this new generation of models for tFS to appreciate Cara!” laughed Luxx.

“Who knew Cara would be saving September 2016 for us all!” expressed a delighted KINGofVERSAILLES.

US Elle September 2016 : Cara Delevingne by Terry Tsiolis


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