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Lara Stone and Steven Klein Deliver an ‘Embarrassingly Bad’ Vogue Italia Cover for August (Forum Buzz)

After a knockout July cover starring Vittoria Ceretti, we expected that Vogue Italia and Steven Meisel would bring their A-game for the next collaboration. Unfortunately, this month’s sports-inspired cover featuring a statuesque Lara Stone has failed to impress our forum members. Photographed wearing a black floor-length Philipp Plein dress, Lara poses à la Angelina Jolie while holding a bench above her head — a concept that leaves us scratching our heads.

Vogue Italia August 2016 : Lara Stone by Steven Klein


“Nobody’s best moment,” commented tigerrogue straight away, about to set the tone for commentary to come.

“Usually I like her a lot but not in this picture,” sighed June.

Also left underwhelmed was MON: “I expected A LOT when I saw the title. A LOT I tell you. A LOT. And somehow, I’m disappointed. I love the legs. However, the top half of the photo feels odd. Not sure if they just Photoshopped the bench or not, because there’s no tension that’s going on in the arms.”

MyNameIs wasn’t exactly delighted either, slamming, “Yikes. The title sounded promising, but then we get this? Everyone involved should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.”

“It’s like everyone tries too hard to live up to Meisel and they always fail,” laughed an unamused A.D.C.

In agreement was Oxymore, expressing, “Whaaaaat? I was waiting for Klein to do a cover for VI so bad and this is the result? So disappointing.”

“That’s embarrassingly bad,” mocked dfl-001 in a state of shock.

“I feel as if Lara’s time as a model has passed, but the badness of this cover goes way beyond her, who would actually look good in this pose? This is scraping the bottom of the barrel in its attempts to be clever,” chimed in HeatherAnne.

Eek! Better luck next month Vogue Italia (when Meisel hopefully returns). See the accompanying cover story and share your opinion here.