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Sarah Jessica Parker Gives Us Her ‘Best Magazine Cover In Years’ for Marie Claire’s September Issue (Forum Buzz)

It can’t be September without a cover appearance from fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker. Therefore, you can imagine our delight when the actress-turned-shoe designer turned up on the September cover of Marie Claire. For the past two months, the American title has failed to impress our forums with appearances from Amy Schumer and Blake Lively, but SJP brings the goods in Gucci with a fashion-forward shoot from photographer Michelangelo Di Battista.

US Marie Claire September 2016 : Sarah Jessica Parker by Michelango di Battista


Members of our forums were thrilled with the outcome. “OK, now I’m happy!! Yes, I’m aging myself but I always love to see SJP on a magazine cover!!” applauded Handbag Queen.

“It’s always a pleasure to see SJP, I think she looks lovely here. At least she’s not ruined by Photoshop,” enthused an equally as impressed Srdjan.

KINGofVERSAILLES was thrilled with the cover subject. “I think this is one of her better covers (at least of the past several years) and I am dying to see her new show, [Divorce] on HBO!” he raved.

RanThe shared the same sentiments, adding, “This is a lovely cover! I’m so glad they didn’t go overboard with Photoshopping and she actually looks like herself! I haven’t bought Marie Claire all year and I’m happy to be buying this issue.”

“Very few women can pull off high-fashion as effortlessly as SJP! This is such a welcoming departure for September. Love the pose. Her eyes are as usual a problem, but luckily it’s a full body shot. American monthlies are really on a roll for September!” approved Benn98.

“I like this color palette. It’s a nice cover, the best cover from Sarah in years,” echoed narcyza.

US Marie Claire September 2016 : Sarah Jessica Parker by Michelango di Battista


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