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Kendall Jenner Looks Like Wednesday Addams on Vogue Japan’s October Cover (Forum Buzz)

Kendall Jenner only recently just made the big time by scoring American Vogue‘s all-important September cover and she now surfaces as Vogue Japan’s cover girl for October 2016 (yes, October issues already). Back on the cover for a second time within the space of a year, Kendall was once again shot by photographic duo Luigi & Iango for the occasion with styling from Anna Dello Russo. Following Bella Hadid‘s cover appearance last month, Kendall got decked out in head-to-toe Balenciaga, but the newest addition to her portfolio wasn’t exactly well-received as it came to light earlier today.

Vogue Japan October 2016 : Kendall Jenner by Luigi & Iango


“God that expressionless stare. Literally looks like a cardboard cut-out. Don’t vibe it at all. At least Wednesday Addams was intriguing with her blank stare,” pointed out an unimpressed SpeakThatJDunn the moment the cover dropped.

In agreement was dodencebt, replying, “Now that you’ve mentioned it, I can’t help but imagine Christina Ricci in this. It would have been a thousand times better.”

“She has the exact makeup of a Bratz doll. Although the dolls emote more expression,” mocked A.D.C.

Nymphaea wasn’t exactly feeling the styling, either. “The Joker is more interesting than this,” she laughed.

But not everyone was left so disinterested. “It doesn’t look like her at all, but I love the dusty effect and the effort they’ve put into styling. Their cover styling is normally so bland and basic. And cropping actually works for Vogue Japan, hope they’ll continue doing this,” Benn98 admired while echoing a different attitude toward the cover.

“Beautiful colors and makeup bring out her almond shaped brown eyes. Her face looks so gorgeous,” raved Zposen.

“I like it. I think the styling works with her expressionless face. It gives me dead vampire vibes,” said kokobombon.

“It’s actually not an awful Vogue Japan cover. Like, they’ve had worse this year,” blueorchid reasoned.

We guess Halloween IS the month of October, anyhow. Be sure to add your own two cents here.