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Selena Gomez’s Vogue Australia Cover for September Disappoints Across the Board (Forum Buzz)

We half-expected to see Lily Donaldson on the cover of Vogue Australia this month after the magazine had been teasing us nonstop with behind-the-scenes tidbits via Instagram. But Aussie Vogue has completely blindsided us with its September cover girl. Making her second Vogue cover appearance in 2016, Selena Gomez was photographed by Emma Summerton and the one-time face of Louis Vuitton wears the brand in the shot. But our forum members can’t help but feel Vogue Australia has sold its soul to the devil with this cover.

Vogue Australia September 2016 : Selena Gomez by Emma Summerton


Forum members aren’t a happy bunch. “Wasn’t there talk that it’s probably Lily Donaldson by Sebastian Faena for the cover? I’d have preferred her over Selena,” sobbed a disappointed KateTheGreatest.

“Selena Gomez on a cover. Yawn. She’s wearing LV. Yawn. Why we follow her? I don’t. I really can’t stand her. She’s so fake. I really wish Lily was on the cover,” echoed RanThe.

Sharing the same sentiments was narcyza: “Oh no. Selena’s cover is awful. I was sure to see Lily on the cover. What a pity.”

HeatherAnne was also quick to show her disapproval, pointing out, “Vogue Australia has lost their mojo. And it’s high-time a model (an Australian one at that) graced their covers again.”

“I don’t know what’s happening but their covers this year have been pretty forgettable (compared to the strong and fantastic covers they’ve produced for the last two years). The layout is misplaced, the covers are generic. Vogue Australia, you’re so much better than this,” said MON, feeling the same way.

“Oh hell no, nothing she does in fashion (or music) is ever good,” laughed SpeakThatJDunn.

“WTH is that cover?” questioned a horrified kokobombon. “Vogue Australia missed their mark this time, too bad it’s for September.”

“She looks uncomfortable and confused. What a terrible cover,” added guimon.

You must see Lily’s fashion story from the issue, though. Check it out and join the conversation here.