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Jared Leto Stars in the ‘Least Inviting Ménage à Trois’ for Gucci’s New Fragrance Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Since stepping into the role of creative director in January 2015, Alessandro Michele has worked magic on Gucci, transforming and reshaping the iconic Italian fashion house’s image. Gone are the high octane and flashy fashion designs and imagery in favor of a more subdued and boho-type aesthetic. Michele’s dramatic change of concept couldn’t be more evident in Gucci’s recent advertising campaigns and particularly in the newly-unveiled Gucci Guilty fragrance campaign for 2016. It’s goodbye to actress Rachel Evan Wood and actor Chris Evans’ sultry ads and hello to Jared Leto as the new face of the scent, alongside models Julia Hafstrom and Vera van Erp, who join Leto in the tub for the occasion.  

But is change always for the better? “Doesn’t seem very guilty but OK,” pointed out Scotty straight away.

“This perfume doesn’t suit the new aesthetic at all. I mean, look at the tacky bottle. The campaign and the whole thing overall is weird,” criticized Lola701.

Also left unimpressed was kokobombon: “I don’t like this shot – too many elements. I think that just a close up of Jared and Julia in the tub would have been more appealing.”

Spike413 wasn’t exactly delighted either. “That’s the least inviting ménage à trois I think I’ve ever seen. Partly it’s the dated bathroom (which looks sleazy in the worst possible way, very mid-70s gentleman’s mag/kama sutra) but it’s also how stiff they all are. That pink tub is making me uncomfortable,” he discredited in horror.

“#GuiltyNotGuilty is one of the most stupid hashtags I’ve ever seen. This whole campaign leaves me totally cold,” shared a deflated perhydrol.

“So now I can buy the perfume accompanying the world’s most apathetic threesome, accessorized with stringy hair. Gucci is guilty of being anti-glamour at the moment (by Gucci standards), and while it seems like a refreshing change to what came before, it will only sell so well before people yearn for something more glossy, especially when it comes to their perfume and make-up purchases,” declared an uninterested tigerrogue.

The campaign is pretty stale in comparison to previous Gucci fragrance ads, don’t you agree? Sound off here.