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Victoria Beckham ‘Does The Same Face Every Time,’ Posing on UK Vogue’s October Cover (Forum Buzz)

Victoria Beckham is just one of those personalities who our forums don’t mind seeing splashed across the cover of Vogue — and she’s certainly got a few cover appearances under her belt by now. Making a return to the cover of British Vogue for the fourth time, Victoria looks undeniably fantastic in a statement Hugo Boss wool coat as she poses with her arms above her head — a VB signature. Photographed by Lachlan Bailey and with styling from Kate Phelan, Victoria also sports her highly-anticipated makeup collection, a collaboration with Estée Lauder. But our forum members can’t help but think they’ve seen this pose too many times before. 

UK Vogue October 2016 : Victoria Beckham by Lachlan Bailey


“The same face.. every time,” discredited niknak the moment the cover surfaced. 

The cover also seemed very familiar to VogueDisciple93: “Is this a reprint? I am sure I have seen this image before.”

“Victoria is a very lovely person but I am so bored seeing her on photos. She always looks the same! It is super annoying!” DutchHomme added.

Nymphaea felt the same way. “It’s getting repetitive,” she complained.

Yet not everyone was left unsatisfied. “I get what you guys are saying about her expression but I really like this cover,” KissMiss admitted.

“Very sophisticated. I don’t care for Victoria but I might get this if it looks nice in real life,” noted a presently surprised Srdjan.

“I like it, I don’t care if she does the same face all the time. She looks great!” admired AnaD showing the cover some love.

Bertrando3 was a fan, raving, “I love this! I love the pose, her face is radiant and inviting, it’s classy and the whole cover is fresh and has calming vibes coming from it. Great job Vogue UK.”

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