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First Lady Michelle Obama Delights on InStyle’s Gorgeous and Inviting October Cover (Forum Buzz)

InStyle continues to set standards high, creating stunning covers one after the other (not to mention delivering diverse cover subjects on a regular basis). Kerry Washington graced the title’s September edition, which received rave reviews, and now InStyle has secured none other than First Lady Michelle Obama for October. Photographed by Thomas Whiteside, Michelle wears a gorgeous teal Brandon Maxwell dress and our forum members couldn’t be more delighted with the outcome. 

US InStyle October 2016 : Michelle Obama by Thomas Whiteside


Forum members were in utter awe. “Stunning, beautiful cover,” praised TeeVanity immediately, about to set the tone for comments to come.

“OMG! This absolutely stunning! I love the colors and Michelle’s smile is contagious. I cannot wait till I get my hands on this issue,” raved RanThe.

Also full of enthusiasm toward the cover was Benn98: “Wow, this is perfect. Cannot find any fault here. The styling, setting, Michelle’s effortless and relatable vibe, and that beautiful skin tone. It’s such a major coup for InStyle to get Michelle, especially now. Thomas Whiteside certainly deserves this, so glad for him!”

MON agreed, exclaiming, “This is hands down AMAZING! Amazing. Yes. Perfect. I can’t. Wow. That smile is everything that I need. The mood is gorgeous and the color scheme is perfect. Wow. I will certainly get this. They are knocking Vogue out of the park!”

“Beautiful cover, it’s warm and inviting without being cheesy!” Miss Dalloway admired.

In agreement over how wonderful the cover turned out was versustito. “I love the cover,” he simply stated.

“Me too! Sucks that Ariel [Foxman] is leaving just when this magazine seemed to be hitting its stride. There’s no way Laura Brown will be able to produce something like this judging from her work at Harper’s Bazaar,” replied A.D.C.

Yes, unfortunately, Ariel is leaving the magazine and Laura Brown is already at her desk as EIC. Share your approval of InStyle‘s gorgeous and inviting October cover here, inside our thread.