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Kendall Jenner Lands Yet Another Vogue Cover This Month! (Forum Buzz)

Kendall Jenner continues to impress fashion editors across the globe, managing to secure Vogue covers on just about every continent. She was U.S. Vogue‘s September cover girl and recently starred on Vogue Japan and Vogue Australia, and now appears on the cover of Vogue Germany. With three major covers for the month of October (and counting), Kendall was once again captured by photographic duo Luigi & Iango and wears a mix of Miu Miu, Prada and Helmut Lang on German Vogue‘s newly-unveiled installment. 

Vogue Germany October 2016 : Kendall Jenner by Luigi & Iango


As per usual, the cover received a healthy amount of forum buzz the moment it dropped. “What the hell, did they seriously use a picture from the Vogue Japan shoot?” questioned Marc10 at once, recognizing some evident similarities between the two.

“Haha, it’s an original shoot for them, I guess it speaks volumes. She is everywhere, at least Bella is more engaging. I don’t even hate Kendall like so many around here, but it is getting to be too much seeing her on all the covers with such little modeling variation!” replied Miss Dalloway.

Also underwhelmed by the outcome was Benn98: “I wonder who styled this then, because it really looks identical to her VJ shoot. I like the starkness, but a bit of color could’ve been nicer. Was really hoping for some all-out glamor, like L&I’s Joan Smalls cover.”

“Nothing new. Vogue Germany follows the hype and fails,” disapproved dcmaike.

“Makeup and hair do remind of her work for Japanese Vogue, but I like it. Colors are great,” Srdjan confessed, just as opinions began to change.

Oxymore asked, “Am I actually liking this?”

In agreement was MON: “I actually like this. The layout finally works. This is how you make a font look good. The layout is insanely perfect for the image. This is also one of the strongest Kendall photographs I’ve seen. She’s serving attitude and power here. I really like it.”

Do you love it or loathe it? Sound off in the thread here.