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Miley Cyrus Shows Off a Toned Down New Look on ELLE’s October Cover (Forum Buzz)

Miley Cyrus has been absent from the magazine circuit for quite some time and it’s hard to believe that her last notable cover appearance was back in 2015 for British ELLE. The American edition of ELLE has brought Miley back into our lives on the cover of its recently unveiled October 2016 issue. After winning us over with Cara Delevingne last month, ELLE hits a home run for the second month in a row. Photographed by Terry Tsiolis, the “Wrecking Ball” singer sports a toned-down look for the light, airy and refreshing cover shoot, looking more at ease than she ever has before. 

US Elle October 2016 : Miley Cyrus by Terry Tsiolis


Members of our forums were loving ELLE‘s take on Miley. “What a beautiful cover! I love everything about it. She looks so gorgeous… And the layout actually works. They should stick with this,” praised MON.

“What a lovely cover!” added Handbag Queen.

Sharing the same sentiments toward the cover was liberty33r1b, acknowledging, “I’ve never seen her like this before, suits her!”

Forum member guimon agreed: “Absolutely lovely! I love Miley and she looks so beautiful here.”

Also full of both admiration and appreciation was KateTheGreatest, raving, “It’s good to see a softer side of her as opposed to always seeing her wild and/or naked.”

“I’m really loving ELLE lately,” noted violet100, also in favor of the cover.

“Nice! She looks comfy and natural makeup suits her,” admired Katya.

“Miley looks great,” admitted ThatGuyPaul with Lucien112 confessing: “Wow, I like this!”

US Elle October 2016 : Miley Cyrus by Terry Tsiolis


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