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Kim Kardashian Does ‘Naughty Bride’ on Wonderland’s Autumn Cover (Forum Buzz)

Everyone has been so transfixed on what Kendall Jenner has been doing lately (ahem, scoring magazine covers left, right and center), that we almost forgot about sister Kim Kardashian for a second. Yet Kim has quickly reminded us of her existence by appearing on the cover of Wonderland‘s latest. The British title hasn’t been short of aheadlines lately, with its Summer 2016 issue starring Zendaya causing some controversy. Wonderland is set for some more buzz with its Autumn edition thanks to Kim, who plays a naughty bride in the cover photo shot by Petra Collins while wearing a ruffled Kenzo number complete with a veil and fishnet stockings — as all blushing brides are wont to do.


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Our forum members weren’t here for the cover though. “LOL at the fashion issue and the only thing they could squeeze her into was a Cartier necklace? Give me a break,” slated a far from impressed iclawhands.

“For a split-second, I thought she was rubbing herself under the wedding dress ensemble, or whatever it is, lace curtains and table napkins turned into a top. And always with the thigh-high boots. Kanye must be like one of those husbands with a fetish who can see no further than whatever weird item of clothing they constantly want their wives to be wearing, for their pleasure,” added tigerrogue.

MulletProof wasn’t all too overjoyed either. “She looks like she’s wearing a diaper, I mean she always does but particularly here. And didn’t they have the sister in the last edition? They must be really struggling financially,” she assessed.

“Yaaaaassss!” read Suhzie from the cover lines. “Nooooooooo,” she exclaimed in horror!

“Ouch. I don’t care who this image features, it’s bloody awful. It’s simply made worse by the fact it’s her. No one was [going] to come out of that hideous styling, art direction or editing well. Wonderland used to be such a cool, sleek magazine. It’s just become trash chasing after figures to stop it from folding,” chimed in a disgruntled honeycombchild.

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