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Gigi Hadid Stars on an ‘Embarrassingly Bad’ and ‘Cheap’ Harper’s Bazaar October (Forum Buzz)

You have to hand it to Harper’s Bazaar for rolling with what’s relevant (even though the mag tends to churn out dated covers from time to time). Whether you love it or loathe it, there’s no question that this is the year of the social media/pop culture model, and American Bazaar certainly taps into that market with covers featuring the likes of Kendall Jenner in June and a kissing Kimye for September. Therefore, Bazaar‘s latest should come as no surprise as Gigi Hadid graces the cover while serving some seriously 80s supermodel vibes in the energetic and engaging cover photo captured by Karl Lagerfeld.  

US Harper's Bazaar October 2016 : Gigi Hadid by Karl Lagerfeld


Fair to assume that our forum members weren’t all too thrilled. “Gigi, Kendall, Gigi, Kendall… what a pathetic world we live in,” anlabe32 sniggered the moment the cover dropped.

“I feel genuinely bad for other models who are trying to make it. The worst time to come into modeling, everything seems to be taken up by the reality show kids,” responded a far from impressed KissMiss.

“Will be great to see anybody else on the cover. I’m so sick of Kendall, Bella and Gigi,” echoed narcyza.

Also turning their nose up at the cover was dodencebt: “When I see her mouth semi-open like that it looks to me like she’s sick and can’t breathe through her nose and I get uncomfortable and start breathing through my mouth as well. Awful styling.”

“You had Gigi but you get this? My goodness. This is bad,” exclaimed an appalled MON.

Gigi’s editorial soon made its way into the thread. “OMG! Embarrassingly bad! I actually cannot believe they printed it. It also shows that Gigi’s range is very limited,” said KissMiss.

“The cover is meh. The editorial is terrible, everything looks so cheap,” apple disapproved.

Better luck next month Bazaar! See Gigi’s accompanying cover story and join the conversation here.