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Kendall Jenner Just Scored Her FOURTH Vogue Cover for October, This Time for Vogue Spain (Forum Buzz)

Are we witnessing some secret deal between Condé Nast and Kendall Jenner? Because things just got a whole lotta suspicious now that Kendall has scored yet another cover of Vogue for the month of October. Something what most other working models only dream of, Kendall already has covers for Vogue Japan, Vogue Australia and Vogue Germany under her belt within the last couple of weeks (with an Allure cover thrown in for good measure), and now snatches the cover of Vogue Spain. This is, of course, in addition to her cover of American Vogue in September. 

Vogue España October 2016 : Kendall Jenner by Miguel Reveriego


Our forum members were pleasantly surprised with the outcome. “At this point, this is even more ‘full on’ than Bella, when she started getting covers!! But I have to say it’s her best cover IMO! I like the makeup and the colors,” voiced Miss Dalloway.

“I love it, one of her best covers. I think that the crisp photography works really well with her expression and the styling,” admired kokobombon.

Sharing the same enthusiasm was Vinciano: “I’m loving living in Kendall’s moment! I believe one more cover will give her the record for most Vogue covers in a month.”

KINGofVERSAILLES agreed. “Actually I really love this. I think she’s improving and this is, in my mind, her best cover to date.”

Reality soon kicked in. “This is a joke right?” asked sixtdaily.

“Make it stop!!” cried out marsnoop2.

“Are they trying to get her on every single cover before the year is over?” questioned a suspicious Suhzie.

Handbag Queen wasn’t having it, slamming, “Oh, c’mon this is ridiculous. The true models of our world must be mortified. Did Pimp Mama Kris Jenner buy her this cover, too?”

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