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Lupita Nyong’o Returns to Kenya for Vogue’s Breathtaking October Cover (Forum Buzz)

Our forums didn’t hide their disappointment with the September cover of Vogue featuring Kendall Jenner, but it seems as though the magazine has redeemed itself with the unveiling of its breathtaking October cover. As rumored on our forums, Lupita Nyong’o lends her grace and beauty to Vogue‘s front cover once again, as she makes a much-welcomed return for the third time. Nyong’o was joined by photographer Mario Testino as she traveled to her Kenyan hometown for the stunning cover shoot, which has resulted in a series of wonderfully refreshing fashion imagery.

US Vogue October 2016 : Lupita Nyong'o by Mario Testino


Our forum members were full of awe and admiration. “One of the best Vogue covers in… years? Decades, even? Spectacular, only a woman with so much beauty, presence and character like Lupita could make this happen. I love that she’s been playing with traditional African headwraps during the Queen of Katwe press tour, happy that they used in the magazine too,” championed Marc10

“This is a MUST buy. I’m blown away. I haven’t been a massive fan of Testino’s recent work but this is breathtaking. I’m struggling to remember the last time I liked a US Vogue cover this much. The makeup, the styling, the lighting…it just feels so authentic and approachable in a way that US Vogue always seems to aim for but struggles to achieve. Kudos to everyone involved,” applauded Edie123.

“Simply stunning! The location, Lupita’s smile, the editorial… everything is just perfect,” Zposen wrote in amazement.

Happycanadian echoed everyone’s sentiments. “I literally can’t remember the last time I bought an issue of US Vogue. I CANNOT. WAIT. to get this one. This is one of their most gorgeous covers of the past decade. It literally takes my breath away,” he shared.

In agreement was LastNight: “Wow, this is beautiful! What a stunning cover, everything works perfectly. Lupita is such a star and I’m so happy Mario brought his A-game.”

“My goodness, my heart stopped when I saw this. Absolutely gorgeous! Gorgeous. It looks so inspired. It looks well thought of. This is Vogue. Yes,” raved MON.

“This is like pure perfection! The cover is wonderful and so is the editorial. The styling, the location, Lupita with her energy and beauty, the atmosphere… everything is on point! Great job Mario!” apple raved.

US Vogue October 2016 : Lupita Nyong'o by Mario Testino


Can’t remember the last time our forums were in love this much. Check out Lupita’s must-see cover story and show some love here.