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Karlie Kloss Gives Us Three Gorgeous Covers for Vogue Mexico’s October Issue (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Mexico has featured relevant models by the names of Taylor Hill and Andreea Diaconu on recent covers, and now the mag adds heavyweight Karlie Kloss to the prestigious list. Returning to the title for a second cover appearance, Karlie looks cozy in an oversized gray sweater as she poses on the studio floor for photographer Chris Colls. Thankfully, the current face of Versace is actually recognizable this time (yes, we’re looking at you W Korea).

Vogue Mexico & Latin America October 2016 : Karlie Kloss by Chris Colls


Two alternative cover shots (below) accompany the main image, but was the right one chosen for the spotlight? Our forum members think not. “The black and white cover is the strongest, it should’ve been the main one. It looks like something Peter Lindbergh would shoot. There’s so much power in her eyes, so beautiful,” KateTheGreatest championed.

“The B&W cover is BEAUTIFUL, one of her best portraits in my opinion. Why not just make that one the only cover? The other two are kinda blah,” added marsnoop2.

Sharing the same attitude was Valentine27, echoing, “The black and white one is stunning. Raw, strong and beautiful. The other two are nothing special next to it.”

RanThe couldn’t have agreed more. “The third cover is the strongest and it really is breathtaking. You always see Karlie smiling and being joyful. It’s nice to see her work her magic on that cover,” he pointed out.

“Agree with everyone else, the B&W cover is gorgeous. It would’ve been so much more impactful though, had it been the only cover. I wish this multi-cover trend would die already,” MyNameIs complained.

“I loooove seeing Karlie have a chance to flex her modelling talent like this. She’s not just where she’s at in her career because of ambition – it’s also because she has a wild amount of natural talent and she worked really hard to hone her modelling skills. The black and white portrait cover is breathtaking. Why they printed the other two over that one I’ll never understand. Don’t get me wrong – they’re also great images and covers, but not as epic as the B&W,” voiced happycanadian.

Vogue Mexico & Latin America October 2016 : Karlie Kloss by Chris Colls


Which do you prefer? Sound off in the thread here.