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Vogue Brazil’s Latest Cover Is a ‘Waste of Supermodels’ Isabeli Fontana and Alessandra Ambrosio (Forum Buzz)

Two Brazilian bombshells on the cover of a Brazilian fashion title sounds like a match made in heaven, but Isabeli Fontana and Alessandra Ambrosio prove it to be a recipe for disaster on Vogue Brazil’s newly-unveiled October 2016 issue. The duo pose up a storm, full of smiles and laughter as they play around before the lens of photographer Mariano Vivanco. The cover, unfortunately, failed to excite our forum members, especially after a set of breathtaking covers featuring Caroline Trentini last month.

Vogue Brazil October 2016 : Isabeli Fontana & Alessandra Ambrosio by Mariano Vivanco


Members of our forums weren’t afraid to voice their disappointment. “I guess last month was just a fluke, back to the corny mess it is,” disapproved Marc10, the moment the cover dropped.

“There are two of them? Looks to me like it’s a double take of Alessandra. Anyway, this is not a cover image at all, it looks edited in haste. And I loathe what they’re wearing,” slated an unforgiving Benn98.

“I agree, this looks like a backstage shot between the shots before they shot the actual cover. Come on WHAT A WASTE of supermodels! Isabeli is not at her advantage here and with the great styling, had they been directed to look at the camera with a great strong look it would have been awesome. Fail. Next!” a furious Bertrando3 chimed in.

Feeling the same way was Sweet rus, exclaiming, “What a terrible choice for a cover, it feels like a lazy backstage shot (maybe that was the point?), and I can barely see Isabeli’s face or even recognize her, very underwhelming.”

“I feel like this would have worked much better in an outside location and with different clothes,” Nepenthes suggests. “Also the skin looks overly edited,” she pointed out.

“I think that in theory this should work, but the smiles are creepy and fake. Plus, the styling is a big no,” kokobombon said.

You have to admit there’s room for improvement. See a superior cover-worthy shot of the duo and join the conversation here.