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Emily Blunt Lands Her First (and Long Overdue) UK Vogue Cover (Forum Buzz)

Our favorite fashion glossies tend to be a little predictable from time to time, often churning out covers with the same famous faces. But British Vogue opted to push the envelope with its November cover, giving actress Emily Blunt the prestige of posing for her first (and long overdue) Vogue cover shoot. Photographed by Josh Olins, The Girl on the Train actress wears a floral Dolce & Gabbana dress, which we think is perfect for a November offering.

UK Vogue November 2016 : Emily Blunt by Josh Olins


At first, our forum members appeared to like what they saw. “This is her first Vogue cover, right? I like the cover. The pose, the colors and background lovely,” admired djowodjo30.

In the same frame of mind was Oxymore: “I love it! She looks great. It’s a good cover for November.”

Srdjan agreed, writing, “I love the cover and the mood here! The orange, the dress, the nature in the back!”

Also quick to express his enthusiasm was [Piece Of Me]: “Yay! Great to see Emily finally landing a Vogue cover. I’ve always felt, even though she gets great roles, she was very underrated. Both in awards recognition and magazine covers.”

An even more in-depth debate soon engulfed the thread about the contents of the magazine. “I am so glad Emily got a cover but this is not good. The dress is competing with the background, the shot could have been cropped better, the hands-on-hip pose is hilarious and ‘the real issue’ – a model-free zone? Seriously? What are models, CGI?” critiqued dodencebt, acknowledging the theme of the issue and taking offense.

“So models are not real women or real people? Shame on you Vogue UK! Using these ‘unreal creatures’ like Kate Moss etc etc doesn’t seem to be a problem when you need to sell more copies!” added sixtdaily.

Tigerrogue wasn’t all too impressed either. “I buy fashion magazines because they offer a sort of alternate dimension where people can experiment with appearances. Sometimes they sell us our own personal fantasies, other times they bring us looks we could never have imagined by ourselves. But if I want realness of any sort, it won’t be a fashion magazine that I turn to,” she stated.

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