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Demi Lovato Looks Like a Kardashian on Glamour’s November Cover (Forum Buzz)

Glamour magazine has undeniably been killing it lately, delivering fantastic covers one after the other, including last month’s issue featuring three models. But the title appears to have slipped for November with a generic and poorly styled cover featuring Demi Lovato. Photographed by Carter Smith, Demi posed before a bland grey studio backdrop with poker straight hair and wears a Project Runway-esque look from Diesel Black Gold. Cue the major sighs of disappointment.

US Glamour November 2016 : Demi Lovato by Carter Smith


To say our forum members were underwhelmed would be an understatement. “That outfit looks like a DIY/Pinterest project where someone didn’t want to throw out an old biker jacket, so they turned it into a dress,” mocked an unforgiving tigerrogue the second the cover dropped.

Demi Lovato to Fan Artist: I Can Be a Beautiful Mermaid Without DDs ]

“Horrendous outfit and it looks as they’ve Photoshopped into a member of the Kardashian clan to me. Sorry, Klan,” laughed honeycombchild.

Benn98 felt the same way, commenting, “This is again one of those Glamour covers (like the Chloë Grace Moretz one) which doesn’t really appeal to me. She indeed looks like a Kardashian here.”

In agreement over how terrible the cover turned out was Scotty. “This can’t be real! She looks 50!” he exclaimed in horror.

Also quick to state Demi looked far beyond her years was WilliamsLe010919: “Man, am I time-traveling? is this the Glamour November 2046 cover? She looks 60 here.” Ouch!

Glamour x Project Runway? Nope. She doesn’t look like Demi,” MON added in shock.

“It’s hilarious that they shot her with extensions for the cover and then had her look almost natural and infinitely more beautiful in the spread. Only goes on to show how conformist magazines are nowadays just to sell more copies,” pointed out an eagle-eyed dodencebt.

This could’ve been so much better. Check out Demi’s cover story and share your own opinion here.