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Emily Blunts Stars on InStyle’s Tacky, Dated November Cover (Forum Buzz)

Ever since InStyle‘s redesign in February, our forum members have declared their love for the magazine on a regular basis. Just about every cover has been an instant hit, but we didn’t know what to expect from new Editor-in-Chief Laura Brown (formerly of Harper’s Bazaar). The magazine’s November issue reveals that change is in the air — and not necessarily for the better. The sleek and polished design we’ve enjoyed for the past year appears to be replaced with dated fonts from the 00s and an overly airbrushed cover star (actress Emily Blunt).

US InStyle November 2016 : Emily Blunt by Thomas Whiteside


Members of our forums saw the cover and wept. “Well I’m guessing the is the first cover with input from the Bazaar girl that took over from Ariel [Foxman] because it screams of US Bazaar tackiness,” exclaimed a far from overjoyed A.D.C, the second the cover dropped earlier today.

“Exactly. I guess it’s goodbye to beautiful, exciting, offbeat covers and hello to predictable and corny covers,” replied a less than impressed Marc10.

“Just when you thought InStyle found its direction, here comes this tacky pink cover,” an unforgiving dodencebt added.

In agreement over how lackluster the new direction is was Miss Dalloway, writing, “What a letdown!! Just so bland!”

Benn98 was pretty dumbfounded by the outcome too. “Great, now we’ll have two US Bazaars! I find it hard to believe this was shot by the same Thomas Whiteside who’s been giving us such great work over the bast few months. Emily looks very still, mannequin-like here,” he commented in frustration.

“My main problem with this is the fake background which gives the cover a red carpet feeling. I’m allergic to that! Plus pinkish masthead on pink background is just heavy! She looks good though,” admitted Srdjan, shedding a tiny bit of light onto the cover.

“Emily looks pretty but the layout is like a fake, movie magazine. So corny,” snarled Lucien112.

It sure will be interesting to see how the content and next month’s cover turns out. Stay tuned and add your own two cents here.