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Lara Stone May Have Just Given Vogue Turkey Its Best Cover in a Very Long Time (Forum Buzz)

Lara Stone’s last Vogue cover wasn’t exactly…great. Our forums were far from thrilled and had expected a whole lot more from the model. However, she’s back on the cover of Vogue Turkey for October (her second). Photographed by Liz Collins against a brick wall, Lara works a black lacquered jacket by Louis Vuitton, her hair in a messy fishtail pony and sporting a killer smoky eye.

Vogue Turkey October 2016 : Lara Stone by Liz Collins


Members of our forums shared mixed feelings toward the cover. “The first Vogue Turkey issue after a very very very long time that I feel the urge to buy. This is so good. The rawness of the photo is so perfect. I love the gold logo, and how it intertwines with her,” admired a more than delighted MON.

“Much better than her current Vogue Netherlands cover. I love the styling and brick wall,” expressed kokobombon, sharing the same positive attitude.

“I actually quite like this,” confessed a pleasantly surprised KissMiss.

Phuel liked what he saw too, sharing, “Lara always look strongest, and at her best when she’s more natural-looking. I like the flared nostrils, slightly open-mouth, and no-nonsense hair. It hints at the suggestion she’s been doing some heavy-breathing, chest-heaving activity just before the shot.”

“I don’t know, I feel that the fetishist outfit demanded a more intense hair and makeup direction. It looks like she just came from yoga, and tried on this jacket. It’s still much better than Dutch Vogue though,” said an uncertain Benn98.

Also not a fan of the outcome was Bertrando3: “The styling is SO SO SO cheap, come on now. This is VOGUE geez! However, her face is OK. But why is Lara back on Vogue covers all of the sudden? Is this the fashion industry fighting the Kendall trend on Vogue covers? Ha!”

Are you liking it? See Lara’s cover story and add your own two cents here.