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Top Models Come Together for Peter Lindbergh’s Stunning Vogue Italia Portfolio (Forum Buzz)

Regrettably, it’s a non-Meisel month for Vogue Italia and the publication has compensated by giving us a huge portfolio by photographer Peter Lindbergh for October 2016. In true Italian Vogue fashion, we can choose from three unique multi-covers this month, with Lindbergh delivering a trio of black and white covers to mark the occasion. Shot on location on the bustling streets of New York, a whole host of faces including Isabeli Fontana, Carolyn Murphy and Milla Jovovich storm the sidewalks of the city in the cinematic cover images.

Vogue Italia October 2016 by Peter Lindbergh


Members of our forums were head over heels. “STUNNING image, perhaps the only non-Meisel issue I’ve loved since other photographers started shooting covers,” sounded off marsnoop2.

“I am pleased! Thrilled to see Isabeli Fontana’s second cover for VI since her debut August 2014 cover. Even though it’s not by Meisel I am happy that Lindbergh captured an inviting cover. It is nice to see real woman models,” applauded Boudoir.

Also an admirer of how wonderful the cover turned out was Nepenthes: “Classic Lindbergh, I’m in love!”

“Love the cover. Looks very Vogue Italia, very old-school, very 90s. Love it,” declared EstefaniaAbaddon.

A.D.C. shared the same outlook, writing, “I like it. It may not be the best but at least it proves Franca [Sozzani] can produce a Vogue Italia-looking cover that’s not by Meisel.”

TaylorBinque agreed. “This gets me excited. It’s great that she’s giving him covers in time for his exhibition. It’s a classic Lindbergh. Not groundbreaking but I know it will be gorgeous,” he reasoned.

Although the covers weren’t to everyone’s taste. “No thanks!! Even when you remove the shocking amateur layout, it’s still a weak image for a VI cover. This looks more like a preview cover to me, hopefully the rest will be better. What does the crayon scribbling say? It’s so incomprehensible,” disapproved Benn98.

“Nostalgia is cool and all, but these covers are Weak with a capital W,” slated an unimpressed HeatherAnne.

Are you a fan of how things turned out? See the remaining covers, Lindbergh’s cover story and join the debate here.