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Charlize Theron’s Newest Dior J’adore Fragrance Campaign Is Pure Gold (Forum Buzz)

Charlize Theron has been affiliated with Christian Dior since 2004 and it’s hard to believe the relationship has lasted for over a decade. Charlize’s iconic and memorable campaigns for the French fashion house’s J’adore fragrance continue to captivate. You can imagine our delight when Dior unveiled its brand new campaign for the floral scent, giving J’adore a whole new look and feel. Charlize stuns in a beautiful gold embellished dress, splashing around before the lens of Jean-Baptiste Mondino like the goddess that she is.

Christian Dior 'J'adore' Fragrance 2016 : Charlize Theron by Jean-Baptiste Mondino


The campaign became an instant hit with forum members. “Another epic commercial from J’adore. I think the J’adore and Charlize pairing is the best in recent history. Everything they’ve done turns to gold (wink wink). She’s impossibly beautiful and elegant and powerful. Her charisma is just so commanding,” happycanadian raved in admiration.

“Maybe Dior’s best commercial in a decade (all perfume campaigns combined). For the first time, it’s not related to the past or Christian Dior, or anything Parisian. It’s modern without trying too hard. No more Versailles!! A Dior perfume ad with a woman with undone hair is really a sign of [the times]. If they want their brand to be less ladylike and stiff, this is the right strategy,” approved Lola701.

Also thankful for change was kokobombon: “Finally a change in location and vibe!”

“I actually like this. It somehow fits well with Charlize and the whole thing,” favored TaylorBinque.

Dior_couture1245 like what he saw too, exclaiming, “Definitely a step up after that horrific Raf Simon’s era J’adore commercial when she climbs up to the rooftop…that was heinous!”

“J’adore le video!” raved a delighted gazebo.

Are you a fan of the newly-unveiled campaign? Let us know and see all of Charlize’s past J’adore campaigns here.