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Gisele Bündchen’s First Vogue Cover of 2016 Could Have Been So Much Better (Forum Buzz)

She’s certainly no stranger to the cover of Vogue but it’s hard to believe her last one was back in November last year. After a twelve-month hiatus, Gisele Bündchen is back doing what she does best as her native Vogue Brazil welcomes her back as its cover girl for November 2016. Making up for lost time, the glossy produced two different covers to mark the occasion, each photographed by Nino Muñoz. Cover one (below) showcases a sultry Gisele as she vamps it up under the warm Rio de Janeiro sunshine drenched in Chanel, while the second displays the supermodel topless cradling a guitar.

Vogue Brazil November 2016 : Gisele Bündchen by Nino Muñoz


After so many Gisele-free months, our forum members expected a whole lot more. “Wearing Chanel? How predictable. At least she carries off the styling this time around. The first cover is better than the second, but I’m truly surprised that after so many years we still see these ‘dripping in sexiness’ type of shoots from Gisele. It may work for her fandom, but does absolutely nothing for me,” shared an underwhelmed Benn98.

“I hate both covers, the styling is so tacky. If only she wasn’t showing her underwear on the second one,” pointed out kokobombon.

“Very generic Gisele, dull,” Nymphaea disapproved.

Also unwilling to show any excitement was narcyza, describing, “The second one is okay but the first one.. disaster! What awful styling. Can’t believe Vogue did that.”

JesseDillion was quick to voice the same sentiments: “Despite being her first Vogue cover of the year, it still hasn’t been long enough for me to miss Gisele I’m afraid. This seems so vacant compared to what she is capable of.”

But not everyone was so unsatisfied. “The styling is tacky as hell but I love her pose and face. Gisele will remain a true supermodel forever!” declared a reasonable Bertrando3.

“Nothing too remarkable about either cover, but it’s great to see Gisele again,” said tigerrogue.

Miss Dalloway sure liked what she saw too, adding, “God she is good! Even when I hate the styling, or the setting, etc. she STILL manages to sell me the cover! And yes, I am always happy to see ‘sexy Gisele’, always!!”

Vogue Brazil November 2016 : Gisele Bündchen by Nino Muñoz


How do you feel toward the two covers? Do you have a favorite? Await more from Gisele and join the debate here.