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A Dreamy Keira Knightley Wears Chanel on the Cover of UK Harper’s Bazaar for December (Forum Buzz)

There’s no doubt that the camera loves Keira Knightley — both in film and in print. She’s won us over on the cover of Vogue a handful of times, captivated us as the long-serving face of Chanel and now covers UK Harper’s Bazaar for December. Giving us just what we need to finish the year, Bazaar-regular Alexi Lubomirski captured the British actress, who unsurprisingly wears a dreamy Chanel dress in the polished and pixel-perfect cover shot.

UK Harper's Bazaar December 2016 : Keira Knightley by Alexi Lubomirski


While our forum members welcomed the sight of Keira, the majority couldn’t help wanting a bit more from the cover. “She looks good, but it’s rather generic,” discredited Srdjan immediately.

“I love Keira but I’m not enjoying this at all, they’ve zapped the life right out of her, it’s all a bit too polished and generic,” echoed HeatherAnne.

In agreement was Benn98, stating, “Simply beautiful, festive, and she’s wearing a lovely dress, but I seriously thought this was a reprint from her last Harper’s Bazaar cover. The setup looks identical to me.”

HDStoker confessed, “Not Keira’s best but it’s good to see her!”

“I’m always happy to see Keira. The cover isn’t my favorite, but I do love the first image for her editorial there, in the white dress. I’d have liked to see that on a cover,” pointed out honeycombchild.

“Always love to see Keira on magazines. She photographs like a dream and I agree with most members here, not her best cover but still so much better than any other magazine’s cover like UK Vogue,” reasoned a forthcoming fluxxx.

Also liking what she saw was liberty33r1b, sighing, “Gorgeous cover, and they couldn’t have put her in a better dress.”

Check out some previews of Keira’s cover story and add your own two cents to the debate here.