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Steven Meisel’s Joyous and Diverse Vogue Italia Cover for November Is an Instant Hit (Forum Buzz)

Diversity? Check. Steven Meisel? Check. Vogue Italia has our full attention. In a much-needed nod to using diverse cover subjects, leave it to the legendary Meisel to show the other fashion glossies how it’s truly done. Beaming with excitement,models Alicia Burke and Hussein Abdulrahman photograph wonderfully for the joyous November 2016 cover image.

Members of our forums could hardly believe their eyes at first. “In love with this cover both Alicia and Hussein are stunning on the cover, simply can’t wait to buy this issue,” screamed TeeVanity at once.

“So heartwarming and so amazing to see them on the cover! I love Meisel’s new obsession with Alicia,” stated jnobis, referencing Alicia’s recent Ralph Lauren campaign shot by Meisel.

Also quick to comment was dodencebt, enthusing, “Alicia looks gorgeous, such an inviting smile! To be completely honest this doesn’t fully look like a Vogue Italia cover to me but I’m not complaining.”

“This could be Vogue Italia’s most diverse year yet!” championed Benn98, going on to say, “Not what I was expecting, but I love the girl’s smile. It’s so infectious. It should’ve been only her, this guy is absolutely unnecessary. Anyway, they could look less greasy. To be honest this looks like a non-Meisel cover to me. Oh, and love the subtle dig at Testino’s February cover with Kate Moss! Meisel just recreated the smile/laugh issue.”

“They are both very beautiful. The image is truly heartwarming but it looks a little bit like one of the H&M family adverts that we had 3-4 years ago,” pointed out an underwhelmed KissMiss.

MyNameIs wasn’t exactly jumping for joy either. “Not sure who these people are, but I guess that’s Vogue Italia for you these days. The cover though is extremely commercial and dull. The smiles are a welcome appearance, but everything else could not be more generic,” he complained.

A missed opportunity or an instant hit? Await more from the issue and join the conversation here.