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Did Bette Franke and Her Adorable Son Really Need That Much Photoshop on Vogue Netherlands’ December Cover? (Forum Buzz)

By now, the majority of the December covers have been revealed and one of the latest to catch our attention is Vogue Netherlands — but for all the wrong reasons. Bette Franke makes a return appearance on her native Vogue for the holiday season, posing for the final issue of 2016 alongside her adorable son, Boris. Shot by Dutch Vogue regular Marc de Groot, the mother and son duo look like they’re having an absolute ball on set, with Bette wearing a fun, bright and ruffled Viktor & Rolf dress as she holds her son — no doubt a very proud moment for the model.

Vogue Netherlands December 2016 : Bette Franke by Marc de Groot


But for our forum members, the cover failed to make an impression and left us far from wanting to join the festivities. “Kids on a cover almost never works, this one is no exception. And the dress is eating Bette alive,” Nymphaea complained at once.

“Mess. The Photoshop makes it so creepy,” said Scotty in utter horror.

Also unafraid to voice their opinion was orchidee, criticizing, “Way too much going on and it looks more like CGI than a photograph.”

“This is really bad. What the hell is that monstrosity she’s wearing?” questioned a disgraced mistress_f.

Bertrando3 most definitely wasn’t a fan either. “Are they really serious with that cover? In my life I don’t think I have seen such a blatant use of bad Photoshopping. Vogue could go down the toilet with covers like this. How could they do something like that and been allowed to publish such a rubbish cover?” he ranted in disgust.

“What an eyesore! There’s no safe place to look,” cestmagique wrote.

“It had all the elements of a stellar holiday cover – the beautiful colors, that adorable little fella, and Bette’s energy, yet it fails. Terribly!” voiced Benn98.

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