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Actress Ruth Negga Delights on Vogue’s January Cover

When it comes to magazine cover diversity, 2017 is off to a fantastic start. British Vogue embraced Ashley Graham for its January offering and now, on the heels of a gorgeous Michelle Obama cover, Ethiopian-Irish actress Ruth Negga makes an unexpected appearance on American Vogue. The star of AMC’s hit TV series Preacher was photographed by Vogue regular Mario Testino for the occasion, complete with styling from Tonne Goodman. Wearing a floral Alexander Wang top, Ruth delivers a refreshing, colorful and inviting January cover.

US Vogue January 2017 : Ruth Negga by Mario Testino


Members of our forums were thrilled with the results. “Fabulous choice! I love the cover, it feels fresh and pretty. It’s also got a festive feel without being too much, I love the mint green background. An excellent start to the new year,” praised LastNight the moment the cover struck.

“Such a great choice, this made my day! Just because Ruth has been working, and for so long without getting that big break! And now with Loving, the most powerful movie of the year, it’s just wonderful to see her rewarded like this,” championed Miss Dalloway.

“WOW what a great surprise!” appreciated miguelalmeida.

Also elated was anlabe32, admiring, “How amazing! I mentioned her as a possibility for the cover but I never thought she’d actually get it. She deserves it though. I kinda like the cover and her expression is lovely.”

“Unexpected, colorful, and it feels like I’m looking at a real person, not a CGI cover girl,” tigerrogue acknowledged in admiration.

KINGovVERSAILLES agreed with the majority: “I absolutely love it. Ruth’s had a sensational year and I was hoping she’d score a cover. I love the styling, the colors, and even the pose is quite unusual for Vogue, so it feels fresh.”

“Yes Ruth! SO happy for her, she’s great, and even though it could be better, it’s a captivating cover,” admitted mistress_f.

US Vogue January 2017 : Ruth Negga by Mario Testino


A win for diversity and Ruth! See more from the cover story and join the party here.