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Stella Maxwell and Jordan Barrett Pair Up for Roberto Cavalli’s Spring 2017 Ad Campaign

If you haven’t already heard, Peter Dundas is out at Roberto Cavalli and his final collection for the Italian fashion house is showcased in the brand’s newly unveiled Spring 2017 advertising campaign. Shying away from the tiresome studio setting that was last season’s flop, the team decided to take things outdoors, shooting the new campaign on the sand dunes. Photographed by Luca & Alessandro Morelli, models Stella Maxwell and Jordan Barrett pair up while making us remember the good old Cavalli campaigns with Kate Moss.

Roberto Cavalli S/S 2017 : Stella Maxwell & Jordan Barrett by L. & A. Morelli


“This looks like a cheap version of their early ’00s campaigns. They are trying to get back to a time when Cavalli was the hottest, sexiest brand in town. Total fail but I like the first photo. The dress looks good and the energy is quite enjoyable,” Lola701 commented.

“They definitely are trying to be the ’00s Cavalli, but they’re doing it wrong. The model choices are horrible,” replied Scotty.

TaylorBinque wasn’t thrilled either, disapproving, “Failed execution. Two over-hyped models who can’t model. Weak photography.”

Also quick to disapprove was Marc10. “By who again? Were they on a budget or something? This is so generic it hurts,” he slandered.

“There is no creativity, no originality which makes this ad campaign boring. This is actually not a surprise from them,” added JaneCurtain.

“I agree that the model choice is wrong, but I don’t mind the end result. Nor do I see anything wrong with trying to recreate the ’00s vibes. Might not be a home run, but I’ll take this any day over the sterilized Dior or flea market Gucci, etc,” MyNameIs confessed.

Roberto Cavalli S/S 2017 : Stella Maxwell & Jordan Barrett by L. & A. Morelli


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