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Bella Hadid Returns to the Cover of W Korea for January 2017

It’s safe to declare W Korea had a successful 2016, having served up some pretty fantastic covers with It girls Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss and Bella Hadid over the past twelve months. Now, in a move that shouldn’t surprise anyone, Korean W welcomes back Bella Hadid on its first cover of the year (exactly one month after sister Gigi gave Gisele Bündchen a run for her money). Opting to use a reprint for the January 2017 cover (usually a huge forum no-no), the Korean title ultimately makes good use of a haute couture fashion shoot from its American counterpart’s recent October issue, photographed by Venetia Scott.

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The majority of our forum members actually liked what they saw. “A good choice of a reprint if you ask me. When the editorial first appeared in American W, I wasn’t all too impressed but I admire how W Korea have made this shot of Bella work in their favor with the layout, fonts and their choice of complementing colors. Those shades of blue are perfect for an icy January cover!” complemented vogue28.

“This shot actually works as a cover for me. It’s got that effortless mood, and her face isn’t perfection, for once. Love the colors. The editor really must love these Hadids,” Benn98 pointed out.

Sharing the same attitude toward the cover was PerfectTonight, writing, “I may be the only one in here, but I love the aloof feeling of Bella’s face, and the way she’s styled. The necklace [coordinates] with the canapé pillow under her arm perfectly. The colors are relaxing and soft. Especially the navy/cardinal and cold blues.”

“January can be a depressing month but does that need to be so vividly represented on the cover of a fashion magazine? Sheesh, she looks depressed/sulking, the color palette looks ill, the composition is lifeless and seems to smell of old attic. Plus, such dowdy styling — like she’s in brothel,” said Phuel, unafraid to make his feelings clear.

“Normally love everything Bella related, but this isn’t my favorite from her,” admitted TeeVanity.

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