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Bella Hadid Replaces Kendall Jenner as the Face of Fendi for Spring 2017

After starring in Fendi campaigns for multiple seasons, Kendall Jenner has been replaced by BFF Bella Hadid as the face of the brand. Karl Lagerfeld is the latest industry heavyweight to embrace the younger Hadid sister by casting her solo for Fendi’s new Spring 2017 campaign. As our forums take a look at the first campaign image, Bella can be found in a room that’s in desperate need of some TLC while wearing a floral dress and clutching a Fendi Peekaboo handbag.

Fendi S/S 2017 : Bella Hadid by Karl Lagerfeld


Forum members were left pleasantly surprised by the outcome. “Nice to see Karl Lagerfeld shying away from using Kendall Jenner for Fendi, and while Bella Hadid wouldn’t be everyone’s choice of replacement, I have to admit that Bella looks perfectly suited to me and I do like what I’m seeing here,” confessed vogue28.

“Ciao Bella! I really really like it. I actually think the matching dress and wallpaper is what makes it extra special,” pointed out gazebo.

“Better than I expected! I actually love the photography here, the setting and styling,” DutchHomme shared in amazement.

YohjiAddict liked what he saw too. “I’m liking the direction they’ve taken this season, the image looks expensive and reflects the Little House on the Prairie mood going on in the collection.”

“I like the mood of it too. Kind of a strange contrast. Old but doll-like,” approved gius, sharing the same sentiments as everyone else.

Also an admirer was TeeVanity: “I am in love with this!”

“Bella wasn’t a good choice IMO. She’s too lifeless for this, a model with more spunk would have been better, even Kendall would have been more interesting. I like the colors and patterns very much, it’s cozy,” said Nymphaea, still not warming to Bella as a Fendi campaign girl.

“I’m gonna comment the same from last season: Take me back to Anja [Rubik] and Raquel [Zimmermann’s] era,” echoed thatsfierce.

Are you feeling how the campaign looks so far? Await more images and join the debate here.