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Madonna Serves Old Hollywood Glamour for Harper’s Bazaar February

Last month, Harper’s Bazaar‘s kicked off its 150th anniversary year with Lady Gaga, and now another iconic pop star is following in her footsteps. Bazaar welcomes back Madonna for February 2017 with a flawless close-up image, photographed by Luigi and Iango. Serving us Old Hollywood glamour, Madonna’s cover story includes a series of gorgeous black and white images reminiscent of vintage movie stars.

The majority of our forum members were pleasantly surprised with the outcome. “Wow, I’m floored! It actually looks like one of her old images, but they’ve gone WAY overboard with the retouching to the point of rendering her unrecognizable (probably on her insistence?). That said, I like the first shot [below] which looks more like an editorial start. So refreshing to see her in a romantic dress and jewels,” acknowledged Benn98.

“Gorgeous! Makes me think of a vintage movie star,” admired Platinum Blonde.

“Very good actually,” TeeVanity confessed upon seeing the cover.

Also keen on how everything turned out was liberty33r1b: “Great cover, and thank god it’s not another boring actress!”

Gazebo disagreed. “I’m so over this lady. There’s nothing that she’s doing that is interesting to me in the least. I wish this wasn’t the case, but it is,” he admitted.

“So they followed up one irrelevant pop star with an even more irrelevant one? And giving us the same old same old? Damn why can’t she reference any other period than her sex era?! But we are talking about Madonna X Bazaar. Two old dogs with no new tricks,” disapproved A.D.C immediately.

MON felt the same way, expressing, “The thing about Harper’s Bazaar is that they no longer bring anything new to the table. Month after month, their covers and editorials almost always have that ‘I’ve seen this before’ vibe. Change. It. Up. There’s a thin line between sticking with a formula that works and being lazy.”

Care to see more? Take a peek at Madonna’s cover story and share your opinion with us here.