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Amanda Seyfried Stars on Vogue Australia’s Retro-Inspired February Cover

What’s happening over at Vogue Australia? After a host of mediocre covers, our forums haven’t been feeling the Aussie title for months. The Nicole Kidman cover last month totally bombed and now it looks like the February cover is headed for the same fate. Making her debut on Vogue Australia is actress Amanda Seyfried (whose recent November cover of Allure was an instant hit with forum members), wearing Prada in photographer Emma Summerton’s retro-inspired cover image.

Vogue Australia February 2017 : Amanda Seyfried by Emma Summerton


Once the cover and accompanying cover story broke, our forum members were divided. “It looks like a demure version of a GQ cover and editorial… I kinda like it,” voiced fluxxx, about to stand alone in his appreciation.

“Hmm… I dunno. Amanda looks great, but this is not really the style of Vogue Australia nor Emma Summerton,” stated Benn98, going on to say, “As such, I’m a bit confused. But kudos to them for trying something different.”

“My goodness, I actually thought that this was a Vogue India thread. The fact that the word “Australia” was covered did not help at all. I don’t know what’s happening to VA. Things were so great one day, and went so bad the next. This is no exception. It looks so forced, both the cover and the editorial. That cover shot is so bad. My goodness. Wake up!” declared an unforgiving MON.

Also far from impressed with the magazine’s efforts was magsaddict. “What the hell is happening over at the VA offices? I initially liked how [Edwina] McCann freshened up the art direction, and they were really on a roll with fonts, and now it’s gone backwards. Amanda is an extremely beautiful woman, and some of her Miu Miu shots are model worthy, but this image is awkward and not very Vogue at all. Not looking good for 2017,” he exclaimed.

Blueorchid echoed, “Amanda looks great, but this doesn’t feel very Vogue Australia to me.”

“The content is absolutely terrible. Nothing interesting at all. Can’t believe I spent $8.50 on that,” confessed dsamg.

Check out the contents of Vogue Australia’s latest and let us know whether or not you approve, here.