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Frances Bean Cobain Stars Solo in Marc Jacobs’ New Spring 2017 Campaign

We’ve become accustomed to Marc Jacobs casting a legion of followers, friends and muses for his mainline advertising campaigns, but for Spring 2017, the designer is turning over a new leaf by enlisting only one (yes, ONE) person to appear in his latest campaign. Enter Frances Bean Cobain (no introduction necessary), who goes solo in the minimalist campaign image. Frances took to David Sims’ studio, posing for a stark black and white shot. Katie Grand selected a lace and sequin dress for Frances to model as she follows in her mother’s footsteps as a Marc Jacobs campaign girl.

Marc Jacobs S/S 2017 : Frances Bean Cobain by David Sims


Unfortunately for MJ, our forums aren’t buying this one. “THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR? Get me outta here,” complained an unforgiving anlabe32.

“Oh hell no! After all the controversy from the collection, THIS is what he did? Just grab another famous spawn. Reductive,” SpeakThatJDunn disapproved.

Also quick to discredit the campaign was sixtdaily. “This is so pretentious and underwhelming,” she slammed.

Tigerrouge wasn’t willing to show much enthusiasm either, describing, “She’s like an indie Kylie Jenner, slowly rearranging the features on her face – but getting away with it, because people continue to worship the surname.”

“It’s not bad but definitely not strong enough to carry the campaign on her own. It looks like everyone didn’t put any effort to do this. I would say let’s wait for more but I’m not excited for this,” stated a disappointed apple.

“I think after all the chaotic noise of his recent campaigns, he is going for something more quiet, tranquil, soft and human. It’s the calm after the storm, it’s all about a girl,” acknowledged forum member gazebo.

Benn98 wasn’t overly impressed either: “Did it need to be an OG campaign? NO! But let’s see where Sims will go with this. I’m not sold on the first image at all, but I’m sure the rest will get better.”

Feel the same way? Await more and add your own two cents here.