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Steven Meisel and a Bevy of Models Make Zara Look High-End in This Flawless Spring Campaign

Photographer Steven Meisel is on a roll this season, having already produced beautiful campaigns for Moschino, Alberta Ferretti and Max Mara. His latest is a flawless Spring 2017 campaign for Zara featuring some of his favorite models: Vittoria Ceretti, Lexi Boling, Kiki Willems, Leila Goldkuhl, Lusiana Gonzalez, Yoon Young Bae and Nora Attal. Meisel and stylist Karl Templer’s captivating studio shots manage to make Zara’s new collection look like luxury fashion.

Zara S/S 2017 by Steven Meisel


The images made us want to run to our nearest Zara store stat. “What a stunning campaign! Only Meisel could do it like this,” applauded anlabe32 the second the campaign dropped.

“Wait, Zara can afford Meisel? Money well spent, their best campaign!” congratulated an amazed Miss Dalloway.

“Wow it’s like a Vogue Italia editorial and a really great one! Kudos to Zara on this bold move, and it sure paid off,” Marc10.

Also astounded with the outcome was GivenchyHomme: “I thought it was going to be a disaster from just reading the title, but I’m pleasantly surprised. It’s slick and effective. He really elevates clothes doesn’t he? The white dress on Lexi looks very expensive.”

Zara S/S 2017 by Steven Meisel


TaylorBinque couldn’t have agreed more, echoing, “He really knows how to elevate the clothes. Everything looks more expensive than some other high-end brands. This is smashing. I think it’s their first time putting a photographer’s name in the campaign. What a wonderful result. I think Zara really let him and Karl run with it and it shows.”

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“Completely agree. Meisel is the legend he is because of his rare and magical ability to elevate clothes and models to another level. I can’t think of a single photographer working today who can manage that same feat – it’s of another era. Great move, Zara. Every girl and every look is fantastic here,” raved dior_couture1245.

Zara S/S 2017 by Steven Meisel


You obviously need to see the campaign in all its glory. Check it out in full and add your own two cents here.