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Alicia Keys Looks Radiant and Carefree on Glamour’s March Cover

Alicia Keys has landed yet another magazine cover within the space of a month. Allure‘s February issue featuring a makeup-free Alicia caused some debate on our forums and now, Glamour is taking a shot at profiling the makeup-averse singer for its March 2017 edition. Photographed by Carter Smith, Alicia is all smiles and looks radiant and carefree in the unconventional cover image.

US Glamour March 2017 : Alicia Keys by Carter Smith


Did Glamour manage to outdo Allure? “Oh God, here we go again. Truth be told I actually like the cover. Would’ve preferred it for January, it has that effortless vibe to it which I love for January. How is it that she can book two big covers back to back with only this faux crusading? Can’t people see beyond the smoke and mirrors? Or does she have an album out as well?” forum member Benn98 posted straight away.

“I’m a bit over her gimmick as well,” replied Miss Dalloway. “But this is such a beautiful cover and for once it works,” she echoed.

“Beautiful cover. Much better than Allure’s,” admitted narcyza.

Also quite surprised by the outcome was TaylorBinque: “I really love this shot. I’m not sure if it would connect well on newsstand but it’s beautiful.”

Srdjan appeared to share the same view, commenting, “I was expecting a mess while I was opening the thread, but actually it’s nice! However, she feels a bit disconnected to the readers (closed eyes would work better if her face was in the center).”

“Awful!” described a horrified jal718, disagreeing with the majority.

“Over Alicia Keys and feel as though I’m over Glamour at this point. They seem so try-hard lately and this cover just proves it (as if last month wasn’t intolerable enough). Allure‘s currently got Alicia on their cover and now Glamour is jumping on the bandwagon,” vogue28 huffed.

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