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Scarlett Johansson Strikes a Powerful Pose on Marie Claire’s March Cover

It’s been quite a while since Scarlett Johansson has appeared on a fashion magazine cover, but much to our delight, she has turned up on the March 2017 cover of Marie Claire. The magazine has been a little erratic lately, giving us covers our forums either love or loathe, and after an envy-inducing Claire Danes cover last month, Marie Claire‘s latest leaves forum members divided. Shot by Tesh, ScarJo poses for a powerful and commanding portrait wearing a glitzy Gucci number.

US Marie Claire March 2017 : Scarlett Johansson by Tesh


“She looks beautiful but the styling is atrocious. The angle certain doesn’t help,” voiced forum member dodencebt the second the cover dropped.

“You took the words out of my mouth,” replied Bertrando3 feeling the same way. “Yes, she looks lovely (great hair and makeup) but the styling and angle are not doing her any favors. I’m sure there were better options but they blew it unfortunately,” he declared.

Also quick to question the styling was Benn98: “This is some really dramatic styling, and very few people can carry it well. Sienna Miller being one of them. It doesn’t work for Scarlett, I’m afraid!”

“A cover that’s making the most of her current atrocious haircut by moving it out of frame and covering up the rest with the masthead,” laughed tigerrouge.

Handbag Queen felt the same about Scarlett’s hair, writing, “She’s very photogenic and her makeup is great. I, too, am not a fan of her haircut – seems way too severe – and look forward to when she grows it out!”

“The cover is gorgeous!” cried out RanThe, disagreeing with the majority. “The styling is too severe for a cover, but her makeup makes up for it,” he said, later adding, “Would have been nice if it was a close up of her face because she is beautiful with the minimal makeup.”

“I like the colors but this would’ve been better for December,” said narcyza.

Sharing the same sentiments was vogue28: “Terrific cover but I too think it would’ve been more suited to another month other than March. It’s too heavy, dark and glamorous for spring — would’ve been fabulous for September or December. Nevertheless, Scarlett does look gorgeous here, love everything from the angle of the shot to the colors.”

US Marie Claire March 2017 : Scarlett Johansson by Tesh


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