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Sienna Miller Looks Stunning on the Cover of Allure for May 2017

With her delightful cover of Porter still fresh in our minds and the memory of her electrifying smile on British Vogue back in 2015, it’s no wonder we were thrilled to see Sienna Miller on the cover of the May 2017 issue of Allure. The Brit actress rarely takes a bad photo and this latest appearance is no exception. Photographed by Daniel Jackson, Sienna captivates in a gorgeous close-up that will have you racing to the newsstand for a copy.

Allure May 2017 : Sienna Miller by Daniel Jackson


Forum members had nothing but praise for Sienna. “Holy smoke!! This is so breathtakingly good, it will certainly draw you in. Will definitely be getting this issue as I’m interested to hear what she’s got to say. I like the fact that the image is understated, yet so sleek and chic,” Benn98 commented the moment the cover dropped.

“This really is a perfect Allure cover!” said a delighted Miss Dalloway.

“Simply gorgeous! I’m glad they didn’t go with a smile actually because we’ve seen that warm side of Sienna on covers. I like it when it gets sultry,” admired dodencebt.

333101 agreed, saying, “Sienna is really good in print. I like this and she definitely delivers in editorial.”

“Extremely beautiful, yesss!” declared Bertrando3.

Happycanadian felt the same way, noting, “Very very strong cover. She is totally delivering here. I gotta say though — what the hell is with literally every publication doing the same gray background this month? DRAB!”

Tigerrouge noticed the same thing. “Another gray background on the newsstand… Allure has under-delivered for so many issues in recent times, that even when it produces a cover that I should be going crazy over, it fails to excite my interest,” she pointed out.

We’ll take everything (except the gray background it seems). See more and join the conversation here.