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Anna Ewers Makes Her 17th Vogue Appearance on the Cover of Vogue Brazil

Ever since Anna Ewers made her first Vogue cover appearance in 2013 on Vogue Italia, our forums have been enthralled. Now, as she adds her 17th Vogue cover to her portfolio, we’ve become slightly disappointed with her recent work. The German beauty looked unrecognizable on her native Vogue Germany‘s July cover and now, Vogue Brazil’s offering for August 2017 isn’t much better. Once again photographed by Giampaolo Sgura, Anna is all smiles in the light and airy cover image wearing Colcci, a brand for which she is the face of for Spring 2018.

Vogue Brazil August 2017 : Anna Ewers by Giampaolo Sgura


Should we hold Giampaolo Sgura responsible for Anna’s latest work? “Such a beautiful and inviting smile, but the overall cover looks very pedestrian,” complained Benn98 at once.

“This girly girly doesn’t suit her,” pointed out Nymphaea.

“Meh, nothing special,” added an underwhelmed liaa.

Also quick to disapprove of the cover was 333101: “I don’t like it. I actually preferred Anna’s VG cover by Sgura despite the awful fringe — she just looks boring here. Hate to say it but I would rather have seen another model get this opportunity!”

KissMiss most definitely wasn’t buying it, saying, “I am sick of this girl! She’s pretty generic. With lots of makeup, they make her look more interesting. I don’t dislike her as such but some models are just totally over hyped, and Anna’s definitely one of them.”

“She’s stunning in person, but pretty one dimensional as a model,” said Style Savvy.

Normar couldn’t contain his dismay toward Vogue Brazil’s latest. “It’s a beautiful shot and Anna has a lovely smile but this is something I imagine seeing on a teen girl magazine,” he commented.

“It’s a nice cover, Anna looks very pretty here. I’d rather see a very commercial looking cover like this one than a failed attempt at high fashion, like what they did with Joan Smalls a couple of months ago,” stated forum member sixtdaily.

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