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Mica Arganaraz and Musician Yoshiki Wear Head-to-Toe Saint Laurent on Vogue Japan’s Androgynous October Cover

Vogue Japan has a whole lot of redeeming to do before getting back into our forum’s good books. While the magazine is currently getting us hyped for the October 2017 issue, we’re still scratching our heads over how utterly plastic and lifeless six supermodels looked on its September cover. Sticking with photographic duo Luigi & Iango, Argentinean beauty Mica Arganaraz is back fronting the Japanese fashion bible, joined by Japanese musician Yoshiki. Rocking head-to-toe Saint Laurent and some killer makeup, they make a striking androgynous pair.

Vogue Japan October 2017 : Mica Argañaraz & Yoshiki by Luigi & Iango


The cover received mixed feedback from forum members. “Awful. Too much Photoshop. And that black border is atrocious,” announced Style Savvy the moment the cover struck.

“Mica always looks the same, her hair hair hair,” MDNA wrote.

“Yeah I know how Mica is going to look like, she’s always the same. And the hair is the same too, so boring that they don’t try something new,” confessed KateTheGreatest.

Badgalcrush felt the same way: “I’m so sick of Mica always looking the same, I think if they switched the makeup and hairstyle with Yoshiki it could be way more interesting!”

“Is that a cardboard cut-out of Mica? I think I’ve seen it several times now. They might as well at this point. Same results,” said Vitamine W.

However, not everyone was so quick to show their disapproval. “I somewhat like it,” TeeVanity admitted.

“I kinda like that slightly moodier – almost Marc Bolan – look on Mica’s face,” admired tigerrouge.

“I love this, the mood, the styling, the great makeup. Mica is getting quite a few Vogue covers this year, and she never looked more beautiful,” Miss Dalloway praised.

“I love it, has that vintage YSL feel,” liked Urban Stylin.

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