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British Vogue Delivers a Disappointing Zoë Kravitz Cover for October 2017

There are some celebrities that always deliver strong and compelling magazine covers, and Zoë Kravitz is one of them. She’s covered her fair share of fashion glossies, including the likes of ELLE, Allure and Teen Vogue (each receiving our forum’s seal of approval). The actress-turned-YSL beauty brand ambassador now makes her debut on the cover of Vogue, fronting British Vogue‘s newly unveiled (yet not so new to us) cover for October 2017. Photographed by Alasdair McLellan, the team embraced the upcoming fall season, complete with grungy styling and a laid-back attitude.

UK Vogue October 2017 : Zoe Kravitz by Alasdair McLellan


Unfortunately, our forum members simply weren’t here for Zoë’s latest. “Messy hair and all those tiny tats make her look dirty,” slammed Srdjan straight away.

“Bland and forgettable, plus those tattoos look like they were done in a prison. The idea of Zoë for Vogue sounds great but it’s a shame the execution ended up so underwhelming,” expressed Benn98.

Also not pleased with the outcome was apple. “I like Zoë and find her gorgeous and unique, so it’s great they chose her for the cover, but it’s a pity they chose such an unfortunate shot of her,” she stated.

KissMiss couldn’t have agreed more: “No denying, she is very beautiful but the cover is sooo boring… such a shame!”

“Short hair, tattoos, and sitting on the floor like a child… it’s something (and someone) different, but unless there’s some glamour inside, it’s yet another month where I’ll be saving my money,” voiced tigerrouge.

“I love Zoë and I love Alasdair, so when I clicked I was super excited – instead I get this? So disappointing!”

“What a disappointment. Absolutely hate the hair. She has such a striking face that is totally lost in this 90s mess, who knew that the type of thing I used to wear for school would one day be acceptable as a Vogue cover,” laughed forum member Les_Sucettes.

Await more from the issue and add your own two cents here.