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British vs. American ELLE: Which Has the Best Rihanna Cover?

If you haven’t heard already: Rihanna is set for global domination (when isn’t she?) as she covers just about every single edition of ELLE worldwide and the race is currently on for best cover. The American edition failed miserably but our forums are currently raving over British ELLE ‘s choice of image from the cover shoot. The magazine opted for a captivating portrait of Rihanna for its October 2017 issue and complemented the image with a flawless layout. In the Solve Sundsbo-shot image, the songstress turned beauty entrepreneur works a Calvin Klein coat (way better than Lorde on Vogue Australia).

UK Elle October 2017 : Rihanna by Solve Sundsbo


Members of our forums made their feelings clear immediately. “I prefer this to the US cover. It’s a classic throwback ELLE cover. I don’t know why magazines wander so far from their identity sometimes,” praised a delighted A.D.C.

“This is stunning! How US ELLE refused his shot is crazy,” voiced MON.

“So much better than the US version and the cropping makes it perfect,” pointed out fluxxx.

Also quick to show the cover some love was Phuel: “The cover literally glows. So… lush. One of the few, rare instances these dull days where cover star, styling and layout works perfectly for a cover. And it’s ELLE – I would have never thought they had it in them. The fonts and composition is perfection. So nice to see gorgeous art direction executed so effortlessly!”

Vogue28 couldn’t have agreed more. “A thousand times better than the American cover, and I cannot stress enough how much I love this cover design from British ELLE. Each and every element works wonderfully here, from the choice of image, the cropping, the yellow, the font and the layout,” he applauded.

“Wow, looks really good! Very impressive work under the new EIC so far, the US version falls flat in comparison,” stated 333101.

“Anne-Marie Curtis’ ELLE is already turning out to be so much better than it has been for years and we’re only two issues in,” exclaimed honeycombchild.

UK Elle October 2017 : Rihanna by Solve Sundsbo


Stay tuned for more and let us know which edition won here. Do you dare disagree with our forums?